Sermon Series: Wrestling with difficult faith questions

This autumn, in our sermon series and Life Groups we are opening up some of the difficult questions that the congregation has indicated they would like to opportunity to explore.

When difficult questions are opened up, it is important that there is safety and trust.  We will all have different experiences and understandings to bring to each issue, and ours will not be the only way of seeing things.  We can all pray for humility as we come to open our minds to more of God’s purposes and God’s ways.

As Christians, we are called to worship God with all our heart, soul, mind and strength.  When Sunday worship ends with the blessing, what is prayed for is for the peace of God to keep  our hearts and minds in the knowledge and love of God, and of His Son Jesus Christ, our Lord.  Our minds and hearts are never seen as separate; together they are to shape both our understanding and our actions.

We will not allow that peace to transform us if we close either our hearts or our minds to those who think and feel differently from us.  It is said that we have two ears and one mouth for a reason.  So let’s pray for grace to listen, learn, and come to new understandings of God and of one another through this series.

03 September 2017: Does everyone go to heaven?
Helen Burn reads John 14: 1-7 and preaches.


10 September 2017: Human sexuality and the Church
Ken Gardiner reads Luke 6: 37-47 and preaches.


17 September 2017: Should everyone take communion?
Nick white reads Luke 22: 14-20 and preaches.


01 October 2017: Fractures in the Body
Andrea Leonard reads Matthew 20: 20-28 and preaches.


08 October 2017: Why do we baptise children?
 Sid Mennie reads Matthew 28:16-20 and preaches.


15 October 2017: What do we do with sin in our midst?
Helen Burn reads Matthew 18:15-20 and preaches.


29 October 2017: St Justus Reaching Out

John Levitt introduces the work of Medway Street Pastors.


Belinda Beckhelling shares the work of Medway Night Shelter.