Sermon Series: Let There Be Light

Epiphany is a good time to think afresh about how we respond to our generous God.

When God created the universe, it was an act of sheer extravagant abundance.  The diversity of species and the vast scope of our universe are beyond our ability to comprehend.

The same God who created all things is also the one who redeems all things.  When our world became darkened by sin, God came to turn things round.  ‘Emptying himself of all but love’ (as Charles Wesley’s hymn puts it), the Son of God came down to be the light that shines in the darkness.

We are invited to walk in that light and to spread and share that light.  We are to let the light within us shine as brightly as we can.  God asks each of us to shine for him, whatever our situation.  These next few weeks area a time to find out about some of the ways we can do that through serving at St Justus and in the wider world.  listen to the prompting of the Holy Spirit and step out to shine.

07 January 2018: Journeying
The magi journey and offer their gifts to the infant king, kneeling before him in worship.


Helen Burn reads Matthew 2: 1-12 and preaches.

14 January 2018:  Sharing
Brothers and friends introduce one another to a new teacher who already knows them intimately.


Phil Smith reads Revelations 5:1-10 and Helen Burn reads John 1:43-end and preaches.

Coming soon:

21 January 2018:  Overflowing
Jesus takes and transforms what is offered to him and creates a joyful abundance.

28 January 2018:  Belonging
We are God’s gift to one another. Today we learn more about the amazing people we sit with each week.

04 February 2018:  Glorifying
The glory of God spills out into the world.

11 February 2018:  Shining
We are bearers of the light of Jesus Christ as we allow him to transform us.