Sermon Series: Pray Without Ceasing

What? Not more on prayer!  Haven’t we done enough of that yet?!

I once heard of a vicar who preached the same sermon every week for several months, on the very simple command of Jesus: ‘Love one another’.  When challenged, he said simply, ‘ I will keep preaching it until we are actually doing it.’

We can have variety and depth in our preaching, but the great test of what is preached is how it is changing us.  Are we experiencing new intimacy with God, Father, Son and Holy Spirit, in prayer?  Are our hearts beating more in tune with the heart of God?  Are we yearning more fervently for God to act, to heal, to bless, to bring his kingdom in?  Habits take a long time to form, so we are more likely to develop and maintain disciplines of prayer if we stick at them over time, and if we support one another.  In these three months, there will be opportunities for corporate prayer, especially during the Parish Weekend and the ‘Thy Kingdom Come’ initiative.  Life Groups are also being encouraged to set aside half an hour of each meeting for prayer.

Hold on tight – anything could happen!

07 May 2017: Prayer as listening


Andrea Leonard preaches on John 10:1-10.

14 May 2017: Earth touches heaven


Sid Mennie preaches on John 14: 1-4 and Acts 7:55-end.

21 May 2017: Prayer across cultures


Helen Burn preaches on Acts 17:22-31.

28 May 2017: Prayer for all ages
Acts 1:6-14
Due to the interactive nature of All Age Services, the sermon is not recorded.

‘Thy Kingdom Come’ national prayer initiative

04 June 2017: Praying in the Spirit (Pentecost)


Helen Burn preaches and reads John 7: 37-39.

11 June 2017: Parish Weekend – Beside Still Waters


Helen Burn reads from 2 Timothy 1:6-14, there are testimonies from the Parish weekend and we reflect on the gifts that God has given us.

18 June 2017: Praying in the threefold name


Andrea Leonard reads from Matthew 28:16-20 and preaches on the Trinity.

Praying with the Psalms

25 June 2017: Prayer as wonder and praise


Chris Ireland preaches on Psalm 8.

02 July 2017: Remembering and reflecting


Nick White reads Matthew 14:22-33 and preaches.

09 July 2017: Repenting


Sid Mennie reads Matthew 26:69-75 and preaches.

16 July 2017: Receiving reassurance
Psalm 46. Unfortunately due to technical issues, it was not possible to record this sermon

23 July 2017: Rejoicing
Psalm 96 – This All Age Service was not recorded due to the content not lending itself to audio playback.

30 July 2017: St Justus Reaching Out Group


Pete & Dud talk about the Christmas Tree Festival (sketch) and Hayley & Helen introduce our sponsored child.


Andrea talks about our link parish in Rofati.