Sermon Series: Stewardship Month January 2019 – Gifts

At Christmas we sang, ‘What can I give him, poor as I am?’

Sometimes we can feel we don’t have much to offer. Financially we may be struggling to keep afloat. We may not have much time or energy for doing churchy things, and we wonder whether we are doing our bit. Perhaps we used to be able to do more but now can’t, and end up wrestling with feelings of guilt.

The carol ends with this conclusion:

‘What I can, I give him: give my heart.’

This is the basis of all our stewardship. We offer ourselves to God because we have discovered ourselves to be so secure as God’s children that we don’t need to strive. Our whole worth and identity is God’s gift of grace. God has met us in Christ and we offer our small contribution to his kingdom with joy.

We are seeking to extend God’s kingdom in our ministry and mission in 2019, and every prayer, every listening ear, every penny gladly offered will be used by God. God asks for what we can give, not what we can’t. May abundant blessing be poured out as we give our hearts in generosity and gratitude through the year ahead.

06 January 2019: Treasure

The magi offer their gifts to the infant king, offering what is most precious to them.

Andrea Leonard reads Matthew 2: 1-12 and preaches.

13 January 2019: Identity

At his baptism, Jesus is affirmed as the Beloved. We are given security through the Holy Spirit as God’s children.

A reading from Isaiah 43: 1-7; Helen Burn then reads Luke 3: 15-17 and 21-22 and preaches.

20 January 2018: Abundance

Jesus takes and transforms what is offered to him and creates a joyful abundance.

Joel Love reads John 2: 1-11 and preaches.

27 January 2019: Cost

Jesus is presented in the Temple, and Mary is told that his life will bring pain as well as joy.

A reading from Luke 2: 22-40 followed by a short drama exploring the story.