Sermon Series: Amos

As we head towards Advent, we cannot be unaware of the anxiety that is around in our society.  The NHS is under huge strain, local councils are making bigger and bigger cuts to services, and our national politics is struggling to look beyond Brexit.

What does our Christian faith have to say in such times as these?  Amos was a prophet who spoke God’s Word into the national situation of his day.  He was given a clear sense of how God saw the way his people lived, the way they worshipped, the way they used their wealth, the way the nations behaved on the international stage.  Amos spoke out, and his message was not always comfortable.

The fourth mark of mission concerns challenging the unjust structures of society.  Prophets have always done this – Jesus did the same.  As Jesus’ followers, we need to be seeking that same prophetic wisdom and discernment to read the signs of our own times and to behave in ways which model the values of the kingdom of God.  Sometimes we too may need to speak out: not to grumble, but to affirm God’s truth.

As the prophet Micah wrote: ‘What does the LORD require of you?  To do justly, to love mercy, and to walk humbly with your God.’

07 October – Amos’ God


Andrea Leonard reads from Mark 10: 13-16 and introduces our sermon series.

14 October – Amos’ Worship


Adam Pyrke reads from Mark 10: 17-31 and preaches on Amos 5: 18-27.

21 October – Amos and the Word of God


Helen Burn reads Mark 10: 35-45 and preaches on Amos 6.

28 October – Bible Sunday: All Age and Baptism Service


We explore 2 Timothy 3:16 – 2 Timothy 4:4 together.

04 November – Amos’ Social Concern


Readings from Amos 6 and Mark 12: 28-34, and Hayley Usmar preaches on Amos and social injustice.

11 November – Remembrance Sunday


Andrea Leonard preaches on Remembrance Sunday.

Coming soon…

18 November – Amos’ Visions
Amos 8; Mark 13: 1-8

25 November – All Age and Baptism Service