Sermon Series: Faith Conversations

One of the things that makes us human is our ability to connect: with the world we live in, with one another, and with our creator. We are creatures that love to be in conversation.

Our modern word ‘conversation’ comes to us from Latin via French and Middle English. The Latin verb conversari means to abide, or to keep company with. In the Middle Ages, conversation meant much more than having a bit of a chat. To converse meant to be with someone, and your ‘conversation’ referred to your way of behaving and living with other people.

Nowadays, when we refer to having a conversation we tend to mean the expression and exchange of individual ideas through talking. Behind that is so much more. When we truly converse we are trying to understand another person, to put ourselves in their shoes, to be fully present to them. We are open, ready to listen and to share.

Our sermon series aims to restore some of these lost dimensions of conversation. We hope to be encouraged by the amazing conversations that take place in Scripture where lives are transformed. We long to see our individual and corporate conversation with God deepen and become more real. We pray that our own conversations with family, friends and neighbours will become places where God’s love is revealed and where we are confident to speak and listen in the power of the Spirit.

05 May 2019 – Peter & Jesus

Adam Pyrke reads John 21: 1-1 launches our conversation series.

12 May 2019 – Saul and Ananias

Readings from Acts 9: 1-19 and John 10: 22-30, followed by Chris Ireland preaching on the Acts passage.

Coming soon…

19 May 2019 – Peter and Cornelius
Acts 11: 1-18

26 May 2019 – Lydia and Paul
Acts 16: 9-15

02 June 2019 – Conversations in Philippi
Acts 16: 16-34

09 June 2019 – In the streets of Jerusalem
Acts 2: 1-21

16 June 2019 – Communion as Conversation
Proverbs 8: 1-4 & 22-31

23 June 2019 – Jesus and Zaccheus
Luke 19: 1-10