Decorating your tree

Details regarding dates and times for tree decoration will be published closer to the time of the festival, but you may find the information below useful if you are considering whether you wish to decorate your tree yourself.

You will have access to an electrical socket. You may bring up to 100 lights in good working order connected to a standard plug fitted with a 3 amp fuse. No musical lights please as we will have live musicians performing throughout the festival.

The organisers will take every possible care of the trees but you should be aware that the safety of your lights and decorations is your responsibility. Decorations and lights must be securely fastened. You are asked to have regard to your personal safety when in church and to seek assistance if required. Stewards will be on duty and will exercise care for visitors at all times.

Your tree will be approx 5 feet high. When you arrive at church to decorate your tree you will be shown which tree is yours.

We are delighted that you are supporting our Festival and wish to thank you again for your generosity. All the money raised will go to support the work of the Wisdom Hospice.

Please tell your family and friends about the Festival, it is a sight to be seen and not to be missed.
Should you have any questions please email us:

Bringing the Community Together at Christmas in Rochester