St Justus Singers

The St Justus Singers will once again be singing at the Church’s Carol Service on Sunday 16 December. If you would like to join us, you will need to attend one rehearsal and commit to practising at home using the resources on this page.

Rehearsal Dates

Saturday 24 November, 10 – 11am
Sunday 02 December, 12 – 1:30pm
Saturday 08 December, 10 – 11am
Saturday 15 December, 10 – 11:30 am (during the Christmas Tree Festival)
Sunday 16 December, 5pm

Lyrics Sheet

Star Carol – John Rutter
Star Carol Sheet Music
Rehearsal Track:


See That Star – Victor Johnson
See That Star Sheet Music
Rehearsal Track:


A Christmas Hallelujah
A Christmas Hallelujah Sheet Music
Rehearsal Track (not the greatest, but hopefully enough to help!)


YouTube Links
Do You Hear What I Hear – Baker / Regney