Sunday Services

Our main Sunday morning service is at 10.30. Our priority as we have opened the building for worship has been to ensure that everyone feels safe and comfortable. For the moment we encourage everyone to wear a mask if they are able. In the worship area there is an area of chairs placed at a distance from one another as well as provision for people to sit together in bigger groups.

Throughout August we have been limiting numbers by asking people to book using the link in the newsletter.

In September we launch our month of Creationtide, with every service accessible for all ages and no more booking required. Families are especially welcome and there will be lots of interaction together as we explore God’s amazing world and how we can care for it.

Our service pattern for September is as follows:

September 510:30amCommunion - Activities for all ages
4:00pmMessy Church
September 1210:30amCommunion - Activities for all ages
September 1910:30amCommunion - Activities for all ages
September 2610:30amHarvest Festival (not a communion service)